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Two-Layer Reduced Compression System

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Compression therapy is essential to improve the healing rates of venous ulcers and other lower limb lesions. Multi-layer reduced compression systems has been shown unequivocally to provide a safe and highly effective treatment for most patients with uncomplicated lower limb venous ulceration, oedemas and other indications. 

Flexy Two ® Lite a cutting-edge two component bandaging system that serves as an ideal solution where a reduced level of compression is needed or for patients who cannot tolerate full compression. The system is designed for the management of venous leg ulcers, reduction of associated chronic venous oedemas and other associated conditions. 


  • Pressure indicator guarantees proper stretch 
  • Optimal distribution of pressure and avoidance of pressure marks
  • Skin friendly
  • High patient comfort
  • Non-slip
  • Hand tear-able 
  • System bandages can be worn for up to 7 days
  • Latex-free

Why Indicators?

  • Provides visual application support
  • Ensures secure application 
  • Reduction of errors due to inappropriate tension 
  • Ensures the adequate compression pressure for successful therapy 
  • Improved patient compliance 

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