Who We Are

Global Health and Safety Ltd, a subsidiary of Global Luxury London Ltd (Global Luxury Group of Companies), was established in 2020 during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic to manufacture surgical masks and various PPE equipment based in its production facilities in Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom.

We take great pride to present and supply the safest and securest health and safety PPE products specifically designed for and recognized by the UK & EU market and in accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/425.

All our products are CE marked and conforms to all relevant EU regulations and are constructed with the highest standards of protection and breathability using only raw materials from reputable manufacturers with top of the line quality. 

Global Health and Safety Ltd, has the production capacity of up to 50 million surgical masks using fully automated ultrasonic machinery and we will continue to invest in order to expand our manufacturing capacity and capabilities.

Advanced technological solutions are at the core of our company operations. Our innovative packaging contains crucial and key information to ensure quality and traceability of each product produced. We use GS1 barcoding which includes GTIN13, GTIN14 and GLN to reduce handling and processing time, ensuring all deliveries reach their correct destination on time. Security Hologram we use on our boxes are safeguards against unauthentic, counterfeit products. Our Temper Evident Security seal enables additional product safety.  Cellophane film coating on each box  provide additional hygiene and protection against moisture.

We are a British Standards Institute (BSI) member, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.