Value for money, Supply Chain Resilience, Social Value

Quality Assurance and Sustainability are at the core of our operations.

Global Health and Safety Ltd, a UK-based healthcare product manufacturer, is a trusted supplier having successfully secured multiple framework contracts with NHS Supply Chain, Scotland Excel and Kent Council nationwide. Our focus is on producing and delivering essential PPE, such as medical face masks and elastic bandages, with two facilities in Milton Keynes and Harlow, complemented by additional strategically located warehouses in Europe.

As one of the largest Surgical Face Mask manufacturers in the UK and Europe, we boast a production capacity of 1.3 billion masks annually. Our commitment to local production and stock-holding ensures swift 24-48 hour deliveries to UK warehouses. Expanding our product range, we introduce top-of-the-line compression bandages, tubular bandages, and compression hosiery.

Global Health & Safety is commited to deliver sustainable, clinically assured and UK / EU certified products at the best value. All critical materials are sourced from reputable manufacturers in Europe and the UK. We’ve implemented an ISO 22301 certified business continuity planning management system, ensuring regular risk assessments and operational continuity during disruptions.

Proudly presenting safe, secure, and innovative health and safety products tailored for the UK and EU market, we incorporate advanced technological solutions into our operations. CE & UKCA marked, our products adhere to EU and UK regulations with the highest construction standards We hold certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 31000.

Benefits of partnering with us:

1. Cost Savings: Agree on a minimum stockholding level for just-in-time delivery, reducing space and costs.
2. Supply Chain Resilience: Our established Europe and UK supply chain ensures prompt responses, order processing, and issue resolution.
3. Social Value: Partnering contributes to local job creation and economic growth.
4. Quality Assurance: Premium raw materials from reputable European suppliers ensure rigorous quality checks and inspections.
5. Customization Opportunities: Flexibility for custom orders and tailored solutions to meet specific demands.
6. Sustainability: Reduce environmental impact with local production, promoting sustainable practices in the UK and Europe.